Jai Bhadarkali Bhalei Mata

The temple of Bhader kali popularly known as Sri Bhalei Mata is located on a beautiful spur of 3800 feet height at a place called Bhalei which is now a Sub-Tehsil headquarter.It is about 25 km from  Salooni  Tehsil hdquarter. The temple can be approached either from Chamba or from Dalhousie and is at a distance of 40 kilometers from Chamba and 35 kilometers from Dalhousie. The deity is in the front of an image of black stone of two feet height and is enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Bhadar Kali draw a large number of pilgrims from far and wide. A big havan ceremony is performed during navratras of Ashwin and Chait months. Mythology has it that the temple of Bhadar Kali was built originally by Raja Pratap Singh during his reign.

He was a religiously disposed king and has to his credit construction, repair and renovation of many temples in the district. The legend is that the deity appeared to Raja Partap Singh in dream and told him that she was lying hidden in a place called Bhran about three kilometers from the present site of temple. The deity asked the Raja to bring her from there and erect a suitable temple for her. The Raja with his officials went to the site and discovered the image. The Raja and his team were very happy they had already decided to construct a temple for the deity in Chamba town. So they started their journey back. On way back they stopped for rest at Bhalei and when they resumed their journey, the bearers could not lift the palanquin of the deity in which she was being taken to Chamba. A Brahman from Kilod village was invited to interpret this peculiar incident. The Brahaman interpreted that the deity did not want to go to Chamba, rather she desired her temple to be erected at the site. According to another belief, the people of this area were not happy over the idea of the deity being taken to Chamba, so they requested the Raja to construct the temple at Bhalei. Whatever be the reason, the temple was built at Bhalei by Raja Partap Singh and later renovated by Raja Sri Singh. Recently a lot of renovation work has been carried out. Statue of Bhader Kali was unfortunately stolen in the year 1973 by antique thieves but happily recovered at Chohra near the present dam site. It is believed that the image of the deity seems to be perspiring since that event

.Chamera Lake-Boting attrection For Torist

Located at a height of 763m from sea level. In
Chamba District, the
Chamera Lake is formed by Chamera Dam on the Ravi River at Chourah. The site is easily accessible from Chamba - Pathankot highway. Water Sports activities are available at Chamera Lake. Chamera Lake, a scenic highlight of Chamba District, is 25-35 km from the famous hill resort of Dalhousie. An artificial lake, it is the reservoir of Chamera Hydroelectric Project built over the Ravi River.



Salooni-Kilod-Kihar-Bhandal Valley (Site seen attrection of Tracking)

The beautiful valley of Salooni-Kilod-Kihar-Bhandal  (1831 M) is rich in Himalayan flora and founa, and makes for an ideal retreat. Just 10,20,km from Salooni is the beautiful Bhandal Valley (1,730m) with its wealth of wildlife. It is the western extremity of the state. For lovers of wild life, this beautiful spot at a height of 1,831 meters (6,006 ft) offers a wonderful pleasant week-end and links Chamba with Jammu & Kashmir. A route from here via Langhera takes you to Kishtwar (in the Kashmir Valley). With a rest house, the desolate Bhandal makes for a very different kind of retreat. There are rest houses at Sundla, Bhandal and Langhera.

Approachable from Chamba, it is the base for a trek route that connects Chamba to the Kishtwar region of Jammu and Kashmir over the Dagni Dhar. The route begins along the right bank of the River Ravi, goes past Pukhri, down to the Siyul stream, then rises to Salooni on the Prithvi Jor ridge to finally arrive above the valley. From Bhandal via Langhera one  reaches Kishtwar. The highest point on the track is the Padri Gali at 3,049 m.




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